August 4th, 2009

American Firm Wins Machining Competition

Unbeknownst to many there are actually competitions devoted solely to putting manufacturing firms head to head to see who can machine the better parts. MAC Machine, out of Baltimore Maryland, is the winner of the Matsuura 2008 International Five-Axis Machining Competition.

The competition, held every year, focuses on metal fabrication, assembly, stamping, manufacturing, sheet metal, assembly, stamping, manufacturing, and sheet metal. The whole industry submits their top projects.
Hundreds of thousands of firms compete in the Matsura Machining Competition.

July 31st, 2009

Metal Detectors

Industrial metallic detectors provide maximal security against ferric, non-ferrous metallic, and stainless steel metallic contaminant. Industrialized metallic sensors are employed in a vast range of practical applications.

The distinctive domains addressed are food, dairy farm, pharmaceutics, paper, rubber, medical, cosmetic, plastic, fabric and chemical industries. Industrial metallic detectors are extremely productive in precluding downstream gear from harm. These are even very effective for finding arms and bombs in bundles or on folks.

Assorted kinds of industrial metallic detectors admitting aquatic metallic detector, airdrome metallic detector, walk-through metallic detector and handheld metallic detector are accessible in the shops. Aquatic metallic detectors are widely employed to situate metal targets below water.

July 27th, 2009

A Review of Sheet Metal Fabrication and Assembly

An introduction called assembly means a lot of operations at the back end with a new production or a new operation. The word assembles or assembly brings any two or more groups into a single form or product to make it useful for any further use.

The process involved in joining two or more number of separate or individual components available into a finished product or material. The metal assembly is of different methods like the sheet metal assembly.

Precision type or Auto Method