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Friday, July 31st, 2009

Metal Detectors

Industrial metallic detectors provide maximal security against ferric, non-ferrous metallic, and stainless steel metallic contaminant. Industrialized metallic sensors are employed in a vast range of practical applications.

The distinctive domains addressed are food, dairy farm, pharmaceutics, paper, rubber, medical, cosmetic, plastic, fabric and chemical industries. Industrial metallic detectors are extremely productive in precluding downstream gear from harm. These are even very effective for finding arms and bombs in bundles or on folks.

Assorted kinds of industrial metallic detectors admitting aquatic metallic detector, airdrome metallic detector, walk-through metallic detector and handheld metallic detector are accessible in the shops. Aquatic metallic detectors are widely employed to situate metal targets below water.

Sunday, May 17th, 2009

Metal Fabrication and Production

Metal is a very important input into many finished goods. Although plastic is being increasingly used for many products it does not have the fantastic and high-end look of metal.

If you are producing quality products then you need to make use of metal for its many tremendous properties. Metal tends to look good for much longer than plastic, is much more durable, and has a better appearance.

As such if you need to consider using metal for your products. With modern metal fabrication processes you can get metal molded and cut to just about any specifications.

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

The Making of an LNG Super Tanker

Supertankers are crossing oceans with enough Liquid Natural Gas, a cleaner burning but volatile fuel, to power a major city for a day. Examine the safety and engineering challenges involved in building these 75,000-ton vessels.

From the Series Man Made, Courtesy of Hulu.Com and The Discovery Channel, enjoy SuperTanker.

This show highlights large scale manufacturing fabrication and welding of sheet metal to form specific components for a mammoth, state-of-the-art liquid natural gas supertanker.

Very interesting use of robot and other technology to fabricate metal components as per detailed computer design specifications. If you are interested in metal fabrication and machining you’ll really enjoy this documentary.