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Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

American Firm Wins Machining Competition

Unbeknownst to many there are actually competitions devoted solely to putting manufacturing firms head to head to see who can machine the better parts. MAC Machine, out of Baltimore Maryland, is the winner of the Matsuura 2008 International Five-Axis Machining Competition.

The competition, held every year, focuses on metal fabrication, assembly, stamping, manufacturing, sheet metal, assembly, stamping, manufacturing, and sheet metal. The whole industry submits their top projects.
Hundreds of thousands of firms compete in the Matsura Machining Competition.

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

The Chrysler Stamping Unit

The recent economic slow down has been witnessing quite a number of take-over’s and mergers in the auto industry, sending so may workers and employees into a state of tizzy.

Many big giants in the auto industry are showing signs of closing down are pruning the staff strength.

Twinsburg, Ohio, which had proudly housed Chrysler’s stamping unit for the last 50 years, which was one the important landmarks of Summit County, saw the company’s plans to move ahead with its merger partner Fiat.

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

Sheet Metal at a Glance

Sheet metal is the metallic products made or stored in the form of sheets which is further used for various purposes depending upon their requirements. The size and the thickness may vary and accordingly the price also varies. The main parameters considered in the sheet may vary as per their production.

The thickness and also the length and breadth of the sheet play a vital role in the metal sheet production. There are a lot of <a href=”” target=_blank >sheet metal manufacturers</a> in the country all over the world. Their main ore will be the metal in the form of iron ore. This ore is then subjected to various processing stages and made into a form called the metallic sheets.